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About Murat Kaynar

He was born in Istanbul in 1986. Ever since he had a curiosity and talent in the art of painting. The meeting with Graphic Design and Web Design started with the sending of the family to Bilge Adam special education course in 2006. After the military, he graduated Anadolu University Media Communication and Media Studies. Until he becomes a soldier he developed himself with his agency and printing house experiences. At the same time, he started to get freelance jobs. He was more interested in web graphics than printing. He started to provide services on static websites. He has also been a part of e-commerce industry which in the emerging web world.

Since 2006, he has been working freelance with several corporate graphic design companies and agencies. He designed logos, websites, flash banners, ATL campaign visuals, banners for many companies, and also designed the whole identity of many corporate firms. He has been working as a graphic design instructor for a year, and he keeps working in the design industry as a freelancer.


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